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Download Help

If you have bought Digital Download goods from our site, you might need a little help in downloading these goods. OK, probably not, but just in case, here goes...!

If you have paid for the goods using Paypal, then you should have been presented with a link at the end of the Paypal screens that brings you back to our site. At this point, you should get a screen that contains details of your order, plus the order password and image links to any Digitally Downloadable goods. Note that Paypal electronically confirms your payment to our systems independently, and until we receive this confirmation, you will be unable to download your goods. This confirmation should happen in the few moments when you are reading the Paypal screens, so the confirmation should be with us by the time you arrive back at our site, and you should be able to download the goods immediately. Please see the notes at the foot of this page if you have problems with this part of our system.Adobe Reader Digital Download Window

Most of the downloads are in Adobe PDF format. Your web browser is most likely set up to handle this type of document automatically, and if so, our download should appear in the browser within an Adobe Reader pane, complete with a "save a copy" option, as shown -

To save a copy, simply click the "Save a Copy" button, choose where you want to save the file, and away to go!

Mac users using the Safari browser may have to use the "plan B" method below if the PDF fails to load in the browser.

If you do not have Adobe Reader (previously known as Acrobat) you can download it by clicking the button below and following the installation instructions..

      Get Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is also the easiest way of handling the document once you have saved it. Adobe Reader allows you to easily adjust how the image is printed - for example, printing multiple copies on a page, and scaling to fit your printer margins. For many images, setting Page Scaling to "None" whilst printing will give you the largest image that your printer will handle. With the "None" setting, some of the image will be lost in the margins. Some of our images have typesetting marks and the pages are sized for professional printing. Use the Page Scaling = "None" setting on these images to allow the typesetting marks to flow off the page.

Saving a PDF file in Firefox

Plan B

Another method of saving your purchases is to use your browser window to directly save the files. You can do this from either the customer login page or from the Paypal return page.

Simply right-click* on the thumbnail image on the appropriate page, and from the context menu that appears, choose "Save Link As..." (Firefox), "Save Target As..." (Internet Explorer), or "Download Linked File" (Safari).

Again, choose where you want the file to be stored (somewhere where you can find it again!)...

Note that you will probably still want Adobe Reader to print the images!

 *mac users should use ctrl-click



Still Having Problems?

If automatic payment confirmation has not been received by the time that you return from having made payment by Paypal, wait a few moments and then press the "refresh" button on your browser. You shouldn't have to do this, but if Paypal is busy, it might be necessary.

If you are still having difficulties after a few minutes, please accept our apologies, and let us know via the feedback page. Give us your e-mail address and the order number issued by our system, plus a brief description of the problem, and we will sort it out as soon as we can.

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