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About Us

Fran, Kath and Sue are the heart of Cut Above Arty Crafts.

Sue and Kath are sisters (siblings, not nuns) who share a large, rambling house along with Sue's daughter, the inspiration behind the 'Boo' range of paintings. Kath is a graphic designer by trade and Sue is a costume designer. Fran is the crafter in the group... and we are an arty crafty lot!

When we met we all thought "Hey... kindred spirits!". Fran is the crafting guru! If Sue and Kath need crafting terms explained (often!), Fran is the girl and it is a constant source of amusement to her how quickly Sue and Kath 'glaze over' with confusion or amazement at what crafters can do. Of course, Sue and Kath are now taking quite a bit of stick from Fran about how it has all taken over!

We started out by using our artwork to create cards for our own use, but we then decided to share it... and so Cut Above was born. We enjoy coming up with themes that incorporate 'Boo' and her cats, and 'Mo' and his dogs Mooch and Mop, but we are planning other ranges that draw on our experiences in the fields of art, design, costume and crafts.

Of course this means we will be holding lots of 'planning meetings', which usually take place on a Friday evening, and incorporate lots of laughter, wine and chocolate.

Happy crafting! Cut Above Arty Crafts - designer cardmaking suppliers

Cut Above Arty Crafts for card-making suppliesCut Above Arty Crafts for card-making supplies